E-Cigarette Dangers – Which kind of Harm Can They Cause?

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E-Cigarette Dangers – Which kind of Harm Can They Cause?

We already know that electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or electric cigarettes, do have some very significant health benefits. Lots of people who use them to give up smoking also find that they’re a terrific alternative to conventional cigarettes, not forgetting much safer. But did you know that there are some serious vaping dangers? In fact, many of the most serious e-cigarette dangers are non-existent or ineffective in the minds of the general public at large. You may be surprised by what you find out about when you read through a written report on the dangers of e-cigs.

For instance, the biggest threat to public health from e-juice is that it includes nicotine, the substance that triggers fatal respiratory disease in smokers. E-juices usually do not contain any tobacco. They contain propylene glycol, a chemical that mimics and provides the same effect as nicotine. Propylene glycol is also a known carcinogen, and it’s really been shown to cause cancer in lab rats. So, if you enjoy vaporizing flavored fruit juices and other sweetened liquids, be certain that your e-liquid does not have any nicotine at all.

Some flavorings pose even greater risks. The most obvious is menthol, which is used in many e-cigarette flavors. Although menthol has been used traditionally in the medical field, it really is now considered harmful because it stimulates inflammation of the mucous membrane, which can irritate the lungs. Peppermint oil can be thought to be harmful, although its Propylene Glycol content is far less than that of menthol. Still, it really is an irritant and a potential toxin and is included in a lot of the flavorings available.

Various other flavoring ingredients include artificial flavors along with other chemicals, although their inclusion in e-juice is less common. Many consumers have expressed concern over the inclusion of such artificial flavorings in e-cigarette flavors and are worried that by doing so, they are introducing toxins into their bodies, especially if they will have asthma or allergies. These toxins will not be readily noticeable to the naked eye, but once an individual breathes them in, they can do some serious damage.

Nicotine along with other toxins present in e Cigarette flavorings also pose risks to those who find themselves trying to stop smoking. Nicotine is the addictive aspect in the Cigarettes that creates a dependency in it. This is exactly why quitting smoking becomes difficult. The body craves nicotine and becomes influenced by it to be able to perform the necessary functions to avoid smoking. If you stop smoking while still addicted to e Cigarettes, it can be very difficult to break the habit.

Nicotine also offers the unfortunate property to be a vasodilator, meaning it does increase blood flow to your skin and muscle tissue. That is ideal for increasing sensation during sexual intercourse, but it also escalates the risk of developing a type of lung disease called “Pulmonary embolism”. Inhaling an excessive amount of steam from way too many flavored e Cigarettes can also lead to this problem. Pulmonary embolism is really a condition where a part of the lung is scarred or damaged due to the accumulation of fluid or blood in top of the respiratory system. By consuming too much steam or nicotine while smoking flavored e Cigarettes, you could very well develop this rare but potentially deadly lung disease.

A different one of the e-Cigarette dangers is that it could cause a kind of lung injury called “Pulmonary Varicose Veins”. This problem is seen as a puffing out of air in rapid succession while smoking. The repeated pushing of the lungs on the other hand, leads to severe engorgement of the legs, which is medically referred to as “Pulmonary Vein Syndrome (PVRS). Pulmonary varicose veins can severely affect someone with severe medical ailments, especially those who already have problems with cardiovascular ailments like heart failure or heart attacks. Smoking together with vitamin e acetate, can increase the risk of getting both these conditions.

So, what are the most common e-Cigarette dangers? Well, the answer to that question largely depends on the individual vapinger.com who’ll be consuming the product. If you are a healthy person who doesn’t have any existing respiratory ailment, then probably the best e-Cigarette flavorings you can choose from are the ones that usually do not contain artificial colors, flavors and methods. Are you aware that rest of us, stay away from those that contain any tobacco, tar or nicotine. It’s better that you avoid smoking entirely.